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Website Maintaining
Website Redesign: Improving Website Usability and SEO
With the robust development of Internet, scores of websites are just falling back due to poor design and constant development in web technology. Thus, it has become a necessity to create an impressive website design and keep an edge over the website navigation, functionality and design. For doing this, it is necessary to redesign website on periodic basis. Website redesign improves website usability and SEO.

Website’s usability happens to be one of the most significant factors contributing to your website traffic volume. If it is difficult to use your website, the browsers would not contact you or purchase any of your products/services. Keep the enumerated factors in mind while redesigning your existing website. Following these factors will enable you to improve your website usability and SEO:
1. Provide the site visitors what they are searching for
A browsers remains in your website as long as he/she gets the information he is seeking. So offer only pertinent, industry-specific information on your site. Web logs or Google Analytics will help you to find the keyword your website visitor used and for the specific reason they could have visited your site. So, if you feel that the information provided in your site is not industry-specific or ordered, you can edit it during redesigning process.
2. Specify what your website is about
Often websites are packed with information in no proper order. If the information in your site is not in a proper order, it will disorientate the visitors who will not understand what you site is all about.
3. Offer site wide links
Site wide links are extremely significant in a site. They enable easy navigation to every Webpage and cut down time required on browsing the pages. Using site wide links will help the browsers to have an instant access to what he is searching for from any page. They also help the search engine robots to cache the web pages in an efficient manner. You can offer site wide links at the bottom of the web pages.
4. Offer a Google sitemap
A sitemap is considered to be the sign of a good site. Sitemaps offer the structure of an entire website on a single webpage with all links. Since site maps are particularly meant to offer site information, they can direct to efficient browsing.
5. Assures that your site loads fast
Visitors do not like webpages that take long time to load. Try to design a faster while redesigning so that the browsers do not click the back button or go to some other site.

Enhancing the usability of your site will bring more and more web-surfers to your site leading to your website promotion.